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Our Foundation

For several decades, our company has been delivering on our promise to provide site-work that is both that of high quality as well as cost effective.  The majority of our clientele base is comprised of repeat customers who have experienced our top notch service and keep coming back.  We strive to not have one unhappy customer and we pride ourselves on leaving a completed project with a very satisfied customer and a finished product we are both exceptionally proud of.  We have the flexibility to tailor our scope to the specific individual needs of your project.

Our team is made up of exceptionally experienced staff team of admin, estimators, project managers, and superintendents in order to meet our project demand. We have an in-house surveyor who executes 100% of our field layout.  Being self sufficient in this area, we don't have to depend on outside surveying firms for our layout..  A top level team of mechanics are also on board to keep our equipment fleet arsenal  in excellent working order as well as staying on top of the latest modern technology.

Our Team

Larry Phillips

Owner and managing member of Phillips Brothers Construction heads the site-work division. Mr. Phillips’ 35 years of experience includes all phases of the business, including a stint as a contract driller for gas and oil wells in Eastern Kentucky before concentrating on site development work.. Mr. Phillips is also on the Board of Directors for First Citizen’s Bank and a Champion tractor puller.

Cliff Smith

33 years of construction experience and a University of Kentucky graduate in Civil Engineering anchors the estimating and engineering design department, having estimated over 4,000 projects in both public and government sectors.  Mr. Smith's background includes numerous Corps of Engineers projects at Fort Knox as well as Fort Campbell, KY, both in site as well as building construction.  He previously worked as a civil engineer for Fort Knox DEH (now public works) in the mid 1980's, before entering the private sector in 1987.  Holds OSHA 30 hour certification.

Larry Rice

41 years of experience and another staffer with some formal training and education at Southern Indiana University.  He has a variety of experience as a former facility manager for American Barge Lines supervising their construction of bridges, land and water terminals across the USA.  Larry is also a former vice president of a development corporation which averaged 25 million in annual sales.  Larry coordinates all project manpower and logistics.  Holds 30 hr OSHA certification.

Cory Redmon

A graduate of Western Kentucky University, with a degree in Architectural design and construction management, has 13 solid years of experience.  Cory is already a proven estimator, and has experience as a field project manager on our larger Corps of Engineer projects including multiple barracks construction projects, and the Human Resources campus project.  Cory now oversees all projects out of our Owensboro office.  Holds 30 hr OSHA certification.

Matthew Curran

Another graduate of Western Kentucky University in 2005 with a degree in Architectural design and construction management began his career with 5 years of building construction prior to joining Phillips Brothers 10 years ago.  Matthew served as estimator for 3 years before moving into the field as a project manager for multiple Corps of Engineers and Fort Knox Public Works projects.  He now oversees all our Fort Knox projects.  Holds 30 hr OSHA certification.

Dustin Gerkins

Also a Western Kentucky University graduate in 2008 with a B.S. in Architectural Sciences.  Dustin began his career in architectural design, then began design of GIS mapping for a local utility company.  Now, after 5 years at Phillips Brothers  Dustin is heavily involved in estimating and project management, and also builds our 3D surface models for machines equipped with GPS automatic grade control.  Holds 30 hr OSHA certification.

Mike Kersey

A 1983 graduate of Murray State University, spent three years as a lieutenant in the US Army.  Mike has 20 years experience in heavy construction and quarry work as an operator, driller, and superintendent.  Mike joined Phillips Brothers 5 years ago and is serving on numerous projects as well as managing the site concrete division.  Holds 30 hour certification and is MSHA certified as well.

Pat Scamahorne

Joined Phillips Brothers in 2014 to assist in field supervision.  He has been involved in construction for over 30 years, and has a background in all types of site construction.  He serves at Phillips Brothers on our utility projects, and also has a long background as a rock blaster.

Kurt Harper

Yet another graduate of Western Kentucky University with a B.S. in construction management, joined Phillips Brothers in 2013.  Kurt's background is in building construction, but he has served as a site estimator at Phillips Brothers for the last 3 years.

Michael O'Reilly

A 2004 civil engineering graduate from Western Kentucky University, joined our team in 2014 to take over our surveyor position.  With a background in engineering as well as field time in heavy construction, he brings 10 years experience.

Melvin Cruz

Our newest on the management team,  Melvin joined us in 2018 having project management experience with the Bridges project in Louisville, KY and US Army Corps of Engineer work at Fort Knox, KY as well as projects in Puerto Rico.  Melvin graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering from Polytechnic of Puerto Rico.

Phillips Brothers Construction

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